Poster Presentations / Paper Submission


The poster/paper review process is finished and all authors have been informed about acceptance/rejection of their contributions to RehabWeek. The four conferences have accepted a total of 569 poster presentations. We would like to thank all authors for their efforts in helping to make RehabWeek a great and very interactive event! We also want to thank all the numerous reviewers for their time and expertise!

Please find the poster presentation list below. Authors, please note that space between posters is limited and hence we set up the schedule so no two neighboring posters are presented at the same time. This should allow enough room for you to interact and discuss your posters with you audience. While you are welcome to stand in front of your posters at times other than those indicated, we kindly ask you to respect your neighbor’s poster schedule and to always give priority to those presenters who are scheduled for the respective session.

Please click here to view the poster list.

Poster Guidelines

The common RehabWeek poster guidelines are as follows:

  • Posters must be A0 size (84.1x118.9 cm or 33.1x46.8 inches), portrait format.
  • The logo of the conference (INRS, BSRM, ICORR or IFESS) must be placed on the right top corner of the poster.
  • Setup time starts at 8.00 am on Monday July 17th. All posters have to be set up at the latest by 8.30 am on Tuesday, July 18th.

Poster presenters, please make sure that in addition you follow all guidelines that individual conferences might have added to these common guidelines. You were either informed of such additional guidelines by email or you can find them on the individual conferences’ websites. Poster presenters are responsibly to stay informed about the requirements and deadlines to which they have to adhere! If you are unsure, please check with your individual conference’s scientific committee.

RehabWeek poster award

The best 60 poster submissions have been pre-selected for the RehabWeek poster award. Those authors were informed and are expected to present their poster during the poster fast forward sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as indicated below. Individuals not present at their poster during the official poster viewing and judging session on Wednesday, July 19th from 14.30 to 15.15 or those unable to present their poster during the fast forward session will automatically be disqualified from the poster competition.

Fast-forward Guidelines

The poster fast forward guidelines are as follows:

  • Fast forward sessions are scheduled on Tuesday at 9.45 and on Wednesday at 9.30. 
  • Poster presentation time is 60 seconds. The slide will disappear and the presenter will be sent away after 60 seconds! 
  • 1 slide allowed, format PPT landscape, no template will be provided
  • No animations, no movies embedded
  • Poster number on top left corner
  • Conference logo on the top right corner
  • Slide needs to be submitted by June 30th to Kenes (email:; if somebody has not submitted their slide, they will be excluded from the poster fast forward session and award
  • Kenes will get in contact with the authors if there are any technical problems
  • Judging sheet (empty) will be shared with authors so they know what judges are looking for

RehabWeek poster award nominees MUST be present at their posters on Wednesday afternoon from 14.30 to 15.15, in order to be able to respond to questions and discuss the content of their posters with the poster judges. Individuals not present during this time will automatically be disqualified from the poster competition.

Please click here to view the Poster Fast Forward presentation list (FF).

All award nominees were informed about the poster fast forward guidelines by email. Please make sure you also consult the instructions in the email you received, which contains more details and an illustration.

The poster awards are sponsored by:

1st Prize: 500 £;  

2nd Prize: 300 £;  tecnalia_logo.png

3rd Prize: 200 £;  Motek-Logo-A4-RGB.png

We are looking forward to seeing you in London in July!


The British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine was delighted with the number of submissions for RehabWeek and wishes to thank all those on the adjudicating panel who each had 50 or more abstracts to assess, (even after a division of labour!).  The willingness of the panel to give freely of their time and expertise (in addition to their ‘day-jobs’),  is very much appreciated by the BSRM and will contribute to the success of RehabWeek 2017.  We wish to acknowledge our gratitude to all those involved. 


The IFESS scientific committee would like to thank the following people for acting as revivers for the 2017 IFESS meeting.

Louise AdaReggie EdgertonGeraldine MannPaul Strike
Gad AlonDirk EveraertWinfried MayrJee Suh
Ann AshburnPouran FaghriStefano MazzoleniIan Swain
James BadgerDario FarinaJohn McDonaldPaul Taylor
Thomas BartonChe FornusekCarol McFaddenRune Thorsen
Eric BeaumontMatthew FraserPaul McGrawPhil Troyk
Frank BerenpasChristopher FreemanChoukri MecheraouiRavi Vaidyanathan
Rik BerkelmansToshiyuki FujiwaraJan MehrholzM Vaiman
Svenn BestmannRobin GibbonsTom MeredithMarietta Van der Linden
Jimmy BonaiutoMichael GoldfarbEarl MersonRoos van Swigchem
Roslyn BoydHenrik GolleeCheryl MetcalfAnne Vanhoestenberghe
Jane BurridgeAshraf GorgeyLinda MillerGeert Verheyden
Tom CarlsonMalcolm GranatSilvestro MiseraAleksandra Vuckovic
Davide CattaneoSonja GrootVivian MushahwarTyng-Guey Wang
John ChaeEmma HallewellKristin MusselmanNick Ward
Satoaki ChidaRicci HannahKianoush NazarpourSeng Kwee
Alison ClarkeSteve HarridgeAntoine NonclercqHarry Witchel
Richard ColeJon HaslerJonathon NortonDuncan Wood
Timothy ConstandinouAndy HofferRandolph NudoIoannis Zoullas
Bernard ConwayAnn-Marie HughesJose Obeso 
Guan CuntaiKen HuntAnand Pandyan
Glen DavisAndrew JacksonVictor Pikov
Sarah DemainThomas JanssenVal Pomeroy
Jasper den BoerJonathan JarvisMilos Popovic
Jules DewaldThierry KellerEric Rogers
Milan DimitrijevicLawrence KenneyJohn Rothwell
Sean DohertyYoshikazu KobayashiMartin Schuettler
Nick DonaldsonTimothy LedgewayDavid Simpson
Maggie Donovan-HallXiao LiuChristine Singleton
Lynsey DuffellChristy LudlowTamsyn Street

INRS Thank you!

The INRS organization committee would like to express our thanks to the below abstract reviewers. We truly appreciate their expertise and their time and efforts in helping to make the INRS a great conference!

Marc Bolliger
Jaap Burke
Karen Chua
Gery Colombo
Roberto Colombo
Jamie E. Duarte
Sean Dukelow
Christopher Easthope Schmidt
Alberto Esquenazi
Johannes Gijsbers
Joachim Hemsdörfer
Michèle Hubli
Dale Hull
Andrew Jackson
Arun Jayaraman
Verena Klamroth-Marganska
Jan Kool
Rob Labruyère
Ilse Lamers
Lars Luenenburger
Francesca Lunardini
Serena Maggioni
Andreas Mayr 
Clemens Müller
Selma Papegaaij
Carolyn Patten
Gerdienke Prange
Tamsin Reed
David Reinkensmeyer
Helen Rodgers
Philipp Rowe
Thomas Schauer
Martina R. Spiess
Frans Steenbrink
Arno Stienen
Huub van Hedel
Seng Kwee Wee
Nicole Wenderoth
Markus Wirz


The ICORR organisation committee is grateful to our Technical Programme Committee that enabled us to conduct timely reviews and quality check of the full papers submitted to this conference. 

Amirabdollahian, Farshid
Burdet, Etienne
Masia, Lorenzo

Associate Editors
​Ajoudani, Arash
Artemiadis, Panagiotis
Balasubramanian, Sivakumar
Basteris, Angelo
Beckerle, Philipp
Bianchi, Matteo
Braun, David
Caimmi, Marco
Campolo, Domenico
Cappello, Leonardo
Carloni, Raffaella
Carlson, Tom
Casadio, Maura
Castellini, Claudio
Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe
Caurin, Glauco Augusto de Paula
Coscia, Martina
De Santis, Dalia
Deshpande, Ashish
Di Pino, Giovanni
Dubey, Venketesh
Formica, Domenico
Forner-Cordero, Arturo
Godfrey, Sasha Blue
Grioli, Giorgio
Guo, Zhao
Howard, Matthew
Hughes, Charmayne
Hussain, Asif
Iida, Fumiya
Karavas, Nikolaos
Koike, Yasuharu
Lambercy, Olivier
Lee, Hyunglae
Lenzi, Tommaso
​Marchal-Crespo, Laura
Mastrogiovanni, Fulvio
Mazzoleni, Stefano
McDaid, Andrew
Menon, Carlo
Mombaur, Katja
Novak, Domen
Park, Hyung-Soon
Piovesan, Davide
Raspopovic, Stanisa
Rastgaar, Mo
Rauter, Georg
Reed, Kyle B.
Remy, C. David
Rodriguez Guerrero, Carlos
Ronsse, Renaud
Rossi, Stefano
Ruffaldi, Emanuele
Saint-Bauzel, Ludovic
Salvietti, Gionata
Sanguineti, Vittorio
Sergi, Fabrizio
Siqueira, Adriano
Soh, Gim Song
Sup, Frank
Tagliamonte, Nevio Luigi
Tsagarakis, Nikos
Unal, Ramazan
van Asseldonk, Edwin
Vanderborght, Bram
Veneman, Jan
Venkadesan, Madhusudhan
Zenzeri, Jacopo
Zhang, Wenlong

​Abayasiri, Achintha
Abellard, Alexandre
Accoto, Dino
Ackermann, Marko
Adamczyk, Peter G.
Adams, Kim
Afzal, Muhammad Raheel
Agarwal, Priyanshu
Aggarwal, Anu
Aggravi, Marco
Ahmad Sharbafi, Maziar
Aiello, Gregorio
Ajoudani, Arash
Akiyama, Yasuhiro
Akshita, Akshita
Albin, Thivaharan
Alexoulis-Chrysovergis, Aris Christos
Allen, David
Allen, Peter
Alqasemi, Redwan
Altobelli, Alessandro
Aman, Joshua
Ambrosini, Emilia
Amirabdollahian, Farshid
Amirat, Yacine
An, Qi
Anaya Reyes, Francisco
Andrade, Kléber de Oliveira
Androwis, Ghaith
Angeles, Paolo
Angulo Sherman, Irma Nayeli
Antuvan, Chris Wilson
Aoustin, Yannick
Aoyama, Tadayoshi
Appel, Viviane
Appendino, Silvia
Apte, Salil
Aramizo Ribeiro, Guilherme
Aranda, Joan
Arata, Jumpei
Argall, Brenna
Arnez-Paniagua, Victor
Artemiadis, Panagiotis
Artoni, Fiorenzo
Aschmann, Cyrill
Asfour, Tamim
Ashley, Kyle
Aszmann, Oskar
Atashzar, Seyed Farokh
Atzori, Manfredo
Averta, Giuseppe
Ayusawa, Ko
Bacek, Tomislav
Bae, Jaehyun
Bae, Joonbum
Bajaj, Neil
Balasubramanian, Sivakumar
Bannwart, Mathias
Barakova, Emilia I.
Barbaro, Massimo
Barralon, Pierre, Barralon
Barresi, Giacinto
Barsotti, Michele
Bartlett, Harrison
Basteris, Angelo
Battezzato, Alessandro
Battini, Elena
Batzianoulis, Iason
Baud, Romain
Baur, Kilian
Bautista-Quintero, Ricardo
Bayón, Cristina
Beckerle, Philipp
Beckers, Niek
Beil, Jonas
Belforte, Guido
Beltran Ullauri, Jessica Gabriela
Bennett, Daniel
Benoussaad, Mourad
Bermes, Christian
Bhatnagar, Timothy
Bittmann, Moria
Bleuler, Hannes
Bó, Antônio Padilha Lanari
Bonsignorio, Fabio Paolo
Bortoletto, Roberto
Bourhis, Guy
Bouri, Mohamed
brahmi, brahim
Braun, David
Budhota, Aamani
Bulea, Thomas
burdet, etienne
Caimmi, Marco
Campolo, Domenico
Cao, Hoang-Long
Cao, Jinghui
Cappello, Leonardo
Caputo, Barbara
Cardenas, Antonio
Carey, Stephanie
Carlson, Tom
Carnahan, Heather
Carpinella, Ilaria
Casadio, Maura
Casellato, Claudia
Catalano, Manuel Giuseppe
Caurin, Glauco Augusto de Paula
Causo, Albert
Cecchi, Francesca
Cecotti, Hubert
Celik, Ozkan
Cempini, Marco
Cesqui, Benedetta
Chalvet, Vincent
Chan, Chen-Yu
Charles, Steven
Chavarriaga, Ricardo
Chen, Chao-feng
Chen, Nutan
Chen, Yuqing
Cherelle, Pierre
Chesebrough, Sam
Chiavenna, Andrea
Chinello, Francesco
Chiovetto, Enrico
Chisari, Carmelo
Cho, Kyu-Jin
Choi, Junho
Choi, Wooseok
Choquehuanca Perca, Ebert
Chou, Namsun
Ciancio, Anna Lisa
Cifuentes Garcia, Carlos Andres
Cikajlo, Imre
Cipriani, Christian
Clemente, Francesco
Collins, Steven H.
Consoni, Leonardo José
Controzzi, Marco
Contu, Sara
Cook, Albert
Cooper, Glen
Cortes, Camilo
Coscia, Martina
Cousin, Christian
Crema, Andrea
Crevecoeur, Frédéric
crippa, Alessandro
Cuppone, Anna Vera
Cutrone, Annarita
D'Alonzo, Marco
Dabiri, Yaghoub
Dahiya, Abhinav
Dallali, Houman
Darzi, Ali
De los Reyes- Guzmán, Ana
De Luca, Alice
De Santis, Dalia
De Vlugt, Erwin
del-Ama, Antonio J.
Delaborde, Agnes
Deshpande, Ashish
Devasahayam, Suresh
Dhawale, Nihav
Di Gironimo, Giuseppe
Dinh, Binh Khanh
Dong, Ziyang
Du, Zhijiang
Duarte, Jaime Enrique
Dubey, Venketesh
Earley, Eric
Easthope, Chris Schmidt
Elangovan, Naveen
ELnady, Ahmed M.
Endo, Satoshi
Englehart, Kevin
Erdogan, Ahmetcan
Erwin, Andrew
Esmaeili, Mohammad
Eula, Gabriella
Faglia, Rodolfo
Faisal, Aldo
Falato, Emma
Fang, Cheng
Fani, Simone
Farshchiansadegh, Ali
Fazekas, Gabor
Felici, Federica
Ferrante, Simona
Ferrari de Castro, Maria Claudia
Ficanha, Evandro
Ficuciello, Fanny
Filippeschi, Alessandro
Fischi Sommer, Leonardo
Fite, Kevin
Fong, Iat Hou
Fontana, Marco
Foo, Ming Jeat
Forner-Cordero, Arturo
Fortulan, Carlos Alberto
Frey, Jérémy
Fricke, Simone
Frisoli, Antonio
Frizera-Neto, Anselmo
Fu, Qiushi
Gallego, Juan Alvaro
Gams, Andrej
Gan, Dongming
Gandolla, Marta
GAO, Fei
Gaponov, Igor
Garcia Chavez, Gabriel Enrique
Garcia Hernandez, Nadia Vanessa
Gasparri, Gian Maria
Gasperini, Giulio
Gasser, Benjamin
Gassert, Roger
Georgarakis, Anna-Maria
Gerig, Nicolas
Geyer, Hartmut
Giardina, Fabio
Gillebert, Céline
Gluckman, Bruce
Godfrey, Sasha Blue
Gomez Esteban, Pablo
Gonzalez-Vargas, Jose
Goršič, Maja
Grassi Junior, Valdir
Gregg, Robert D.
Gregori, Valentina
Grimmer, Martin
Grioli, Giorgio
Grondin, Francois
Gruppioni, Emanuele
Guanziroli, Eleonora
Guerrero, Carlos Rodriguez
Guo, Zhao
Handzic, Ismet
Haninger, Kevin
Hansen, Clint
Hargrove, Levi
Hasegawa, Yasuhisa
Hashimoto, Takuya
Hejrati, Babak
Held, Jeremia
Heo, Si-Hwan
Heremans, François
Herman, Benoît
Herrnstadt, Gil
Hessinger, Markus
Hocaoglu Cetinsoy, Elif
Hoeppner, Hannes
Hong, Keum-Shik
Howard, Ayanna
Howard, Matthew
Hsu, Wen-Hao
Hu, Yue
Huang, Felix
Hughes, Charmayne
Hughes, Josie
Huizenga, David
Hunt, Justin
Hussain, Irfan
Ingraham, Kimberly
Ionescu, Anisoara
Iqbal, Jamshed
Irastorza-Landa, Nerea
Itami, Taku
Ivan, Vladimir
Ivlev, Oleg
Jafari, Amir
Jarrassé, Nathanael
Jarrett, Christopher
Jiange, Gao
Jin, Xin
John, Stalin
John, Stephen William
Johnson, Michelle J.
Just, Fabian
Kagawa, Takahiro
Kager, Simone
Kambara, Hiroyuki
Kamper, Derek
Kaneishi, Daisuke
Kang, Jiyeon
Kang, Sang Hoon
Kanitz, Gunter
Kanno, Takahiro
Kanzler, Christoph
Karavas, George K.
Karavas, Nikolaos
Kawase, Toshihiro
Keemink, Arvid Q.L.
Kenney, Laurence
Keyvanara, Mahboubeh
Kikuchi, Takehito
Kilicarslan, Atilla
Kim, Jaehyo
Kim, Jinsoo
Kim, Jonghyun
Kim, Jung
Kim, Myunghee
Kim, Wan-soo
Kimura, Toshitaka
Kinany, Nawal
Klamroth-Marganska, Verena
Klein, Julius
Koller, Jeffrey
Kong, Kyoungchul
Konnaris, Charalambos
Kopitzsch, Malin
Kosa, Gabor
Krebs, Hermano Igo
Krüger, Jörg
Kuah, Christopher Wee Keong
Kukreja, Sunil, L.
KyungRyoul, Mun
Laghi, Marco
Lakatos, Gabriella
Lambelet, Charles
Langlois, Kevin
Lau, Hong Fai
​Lawson, Brian
Lee, Giuk
Lee, Hyunglae
Lee, Jinoh
Lee, Jusuk
Lee, Sang Wook
Lee, Sunghoon Ivan
Leeb, Robert
Lefeber, Dirk
Legnani, Giovanni
Lenzi, Tommaso
Leo, Andrea
Leon, Beatriz
Leonardis, Daniele
Lerma Lara, Sergio
Lerner, Zachary
Létourneau, Dominic
Leylavi Shoushtari, Ali
Li, Yangzhi
Li, Yasong
li, zheng
Liarokapis, Minas
Lisini Baldi, Tommaso
Lobo-Prat, Joan
Long, Yi
Lopes, Ana
López-Larraz, Eduardo
Lotti, Nicola
Lu, Junkai
Luporini Menegaldo, Luciano
Lyu, Mingxing
Macalupú, Valeria
Madden, Kaci
Maggioni, Serena
Malcolm, Philippe
Malesevic, Nebojsa
Malosio, Matteo
Mangin, Olivier
Mannini, Andrea
Marco, Bonizzato
Marini, Francesca
Martelli, Francesca
Martinez-Hernandez, Uriel
Martino, Giovanni
Masia, Lorenzo
Matsushita, Kojiro
Maya, Mauro Eduardo
Mazzoleni, Stefano
McDaid, Andrew
McPhee, John J.
Meek, Sanford
Meijneke, Cor
Melendez-Calderon, Alejandro
Menychtas, Dimitrios
Merlo, Andrea
Mghames, Sariah
Michmizos, Konstantinos
Mihelj, Matjaž
Millard, Matthew
Mingo Hoffman, Enrico
mioli, alessandro
Miranda, Pietro
mirbagheri, mehdi
Mizukami, Noriaki
Mohammed, Samer
Mohammed, Samer
Mohan, Mayumi
Mohan, Santhakumar
Mojtahedi, Keivan
Molinari, Marco
Moltedo, Marta
Monaco, Vito
Morasso, Pietro Giovanni
Moreno, Juan Camilo
Moreno Arango, Juan David
Moreno Arango, Julian Alberto
Moro, Federico Lorenzo
Moscatelli, Alessandro
Mrotek, Leigh Ann
Muijzer-Witteveen, Heidi
Mullhaupt, Philippe
Murai, Akihiko
Na, Youngjin
Näf, Matthias, Basil
Nakajima, Shuro
Nakanishi, Jun
nalam, varun
Nanayakkara, Thrishantha
Natale, Ciro
Negrello, Francesca
Nguyen, Vinh
Niehues, Taylor
Nizamis, Kostas
Noda, Tomoyuki
Noohi, Ehsan
Nordin, Nurdiana
Nori, Francesco
Novak, Domen
Nowak, Markus
O'Malley, Marcia
O'Neill, Ciarán Tomás
Ochoa Luna, Cristobal
Oddo, Calogero Maria
Oetomo, Denny
Ogata, Kunihiro
Ohu, Ikechukwu
Okada, Tokuji
Ortiz, Jesus
Ortlieb, Amalric
Ozdemir, Recep
Özen, Özhan
Paleari, Marco
Palermo, Eduardo
Palli, Gianluca
Pan, Yongping
Panizzolo, Fausto Antonio
Paoletti, Paolo
Paolucci, Matteo
Parikh, Pranav
Park, Evelyn
Park, Joon-Hyuk
Parri, Andrea
Pasqual, Thales Bueno
Patanè, Fabrizio
Patarinsky Robson, Nina
Pedro, Leonardo Marquez
Peñalver de Andrés, Joaquín Álvaro
Perdikis, Serafeim
Perez Ibarra, Juan Carlos
Pernalete, Norali
Perry, Joel C.
Peternel, Luka
Petrini, Francesco
Pezent, Evan
Piazza, Cristina
Pierella, Camilla
Pierobon, Alberto
Pilarski, Patrick M.
Pilissy, Tamas
Piovanelli, Enrico
Pirondini, Elvira
Pizzolato, Claudio
Podobnik, Janez
Polygerinos, Panagiotis
Popov, Dmitry
Portaccio, Iacopo
Pozzi, Maria
Price, Mark
Quinlivan, Brendan
Quinn, Nathan
Rajasekaran, Vijaykumar
Ramos-Murguialday, Ander
Rastegarpanah, Alireza
Rauter, Georg
Reed, Kyle B.
Rejc, Jure
Ren, Yupeng
Rezazadeh, Siavash
Rigosa, Jacopo
Rinderknecht, Mike Domenik
Ristic-Durrant, Danijela
Rizzo, Rocco
Roby-Brami, Agnès
Rocon, Eduardo
Rodriguez Guerrero, Carlos
Rombokas, Eric
Ropero, Javier
Rosales, Carlos
Rosendo, Andre
Rossa, Carlos
Rossi, Matteo
Rossi, Simone
Rossi, Stefano
Rossini, Mauro
Rouse, Elliott
Roveda, Loris
Rozo, Leonel
Ruffaldi, Emanuele
Ruiz, Andres
Ruiz, Oscar Eduardo
Ruiz Garate, Virginia
Saad, Maarouf
Saccares, Lorenzo
Sadati, Seyedmohammadhadi
Saetta, Gianluca
Saint-Bauzel, Ludovic
Sakamaki, Isao
Sales Gonçalves, Rogério
Sánchez-Villamañán, M. Carmen
Santos, Wilian Miranda dos
Sawada, Yuichi
Scalona, Emilia
Schauer, Thomas
Schearer, Eric
Schmit, Brian
Schrade, Stefan Oliver
Schultz, Joshua
Schumacher, Marie
Sedda, Giulia
Seel, Thomas
Semprini, Marianna
Semrau, Jennifer
Sergi, Fabrizio
Settimi, Alessandro
Shah, Amit
Sharma, Nitin
Shehata, Ahmed
Shen, Yang
Shepherd, Max
Shin, Duk
Shirota, Camila
Shorter, Amanda
Simonetti, Davide
Sin, MinKi
Siviy, Christopher
Sketch, Sean
Skidmore, Jeffrey
Slajpah, Sebastjan
Smailagic, Asim
Smit, Gerwin
Soh, Gim Song
Solis, Jorge
Soltani-Zarrin, Rana
Spagnoletti, Giovanni
Spiers, Adam
Squeri, Valentina
Sreenivasa, Manish
Stampacchia, Giulia
Steele, Katherine
Stegall, Paul
Stein, Joel
Stein, Thorsten
Stopforth, Riaan
Strauss, Ivo
Strbac, Matija
Stroppa, Fabio
Stuhlenmiller, Florian
Sugar, Thomas
Sulzer, James
Summa, Susanna
Sutton, Lee
Taborri, Juri
Taffoni, Fabrizio
Takagi, Atsushi
Tan, U-Xuan
Tanaka, Eiichiro
Tania, Lam
Tannuri, Eduardo Aoun
Tarvainen, Tapio Veli Juhani
Tavakoli, Mahdi
Terashima, Kazuhiko
Thacham Poyil, Azeemsha
Thakor, Nitish
Thornton, Matthew
Thorp, Elias
Tincani, Vinicio
Tiseo, Carlo
Tommasino, Paolo
Tonin, Luca
Tortora, Stefano
Tosi, Jacopo
Toxiri, Stefano
Tran, Vi Do
Trejos, Ana Luisa
Trigili, Emilio
Tropea, Peppino
Tsuji, Toshiaki
Tsukahara, Atsushi
Tyron, Jacob
Ugurlu, Barkan
Valle, Giacomo
van Oort, Gijs
Vanderborght, Bram
Veltink, Peter
Veneman, Jan
Villalpando, Mayra Bittencourt
Villarreal, Dario J.
Vlutters, Mark
Vollero, Luca
Vuckovic, Aleksandra
Wang, Qining
Ward, Sarah Helen
Weckx, Maarten
Weir, Richard
Welch, Karla Conn
Wenderoth, Nicole
Whitsell, Bryan
Wiedemann, Lukas
Wiesener, Constantin
Wilhelm, Elisabeth
Wilson, Kathleen
Winfree, Kyle
Witte, Kirby Ann
Wolf, Peter
Woo, Hyun Soo
Woodward, Richard
Wu, Amy
Wu, Ming
Wurth, Sophie
Xie, Shane
Xiloyannis, Michele
Xiong, Guangming
Xu, Weiliang
Xu, Zhe
Yalcin, Mustafa
Yazmir, Boris
Young, Aaron
Yu, Haoyong
Yun, Youngmok
Zadravec, Matjaž
Zanotto, Damiano
Zariffa, Jose
Zecca, Massimiliano
Zeiaee, Amin
Zenzeri, Jacopo
Zhang, Dingguo
Zhang, Hongmiao
Zhang, Juanjuan
Zhang, Liandong
Zhang, Qiang
Zhao, Guoping
Zhao, Jingdong
Zhu, Chi
Zoller, Esther Isabel

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