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RehabWeek Steering Committee:

  • RehabWeek General Chair: Milos Popovic
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Rui Loureiro, James Patton (representing ICORR)
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Gery Colombo (representing IISART)
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Thierry Keller (representing IFESS & ICRT chair)
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Helen MacNabb, John Anschutz (representing RESNA)
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Megan Mitchell (representing ACRM)
  • RehabWeek Co-Chair: Carla Reimer(representing ISPO)

Further Members of the RehabWeek Organizing Committee:

  • Steering Committee Members of the individual conferences
  • Event Management Team (KenesM+, Veysel Guzel)
  • Local Organizing Committee Member: Anthony Palma
  • Local Organizing Committee Member: Sophia Yue Li
  • Local Organizing Committee Member: Jarrett Churchill

INRS Conference Committee:

  • Chair: Gery Colombo
  • Martina Spiess
  • Frans Steenbrink
  • Serena Maggioni
  • Thierry Keller
  • Iris Jakob-Binder
  • Aaron Stller

ICORR Conference Committee:

  • Conference Chairs:
  • Jim Patton
  • Arun Jayaraman
  • Program Chair:
  • Domenico Campolo 

  • Editors:
  • Dino Accoto
  • Angelo Basteris
  • Student paper competition:
  • Ana Luisa Trejos

  • International Advisory & Steering Committee:
  • Rui Loureiro
  • Etienne Burdet 

  • Finance Chair:
  • Domen Novak

IFESS Conference Committee:

  • Chair: Thierry Keller
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Kei Masani
  • Co-Chair: Dr. Cesar Marquez-Chin

ACRM Conference Committee:

  • Co -Chair: Megan Mitchell
  • Co-Chair: John Morris
  • Members: Stephen Page, Terri Compos

RESNA Conference Committee:

  • Chair: John Anschutz
  • Alex Mihailidis
  • Jen Boger
  • Helen MacNabb

ISPO Conference Committee:

  • Chair: Carla Reimer BSc C.O.(c)
  • Co-Chair: Linda Laakso MSc CO(c)
  • Co-Chair: William Miller PhD, FCAOT

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