RehabWeek Abstract & Paper Submission

We thank you for your interest to contribute your work to the RehabWeek 2022.

Each RehabWeek conference has set up their own submission process, including their own set of instructions. Please find below the links to the respective instructions and submission platforms.

Please note that while you are welcome to submit different work to different RehabWeek conferences, we kindly ask you to be respectful of the reviewers’ time and not submit the same abstract/paper to two different RehabWeek conferences, thank you!

Submission Deadlines

The deadline for ALL RehabWeek submissions, regardless of which society is Friday, February the 25th 2022. We would like you all to be able to plan your work without having to guess if there will be a deadline extension or not. We therefore decided to already include that additional time in the main submission deadline (i.e. this date already IS the extension), so you have planning security. There will NOT be any deadline extensions after that!

Corresponding authors will be informed about the acceptance or rejection of their submission no later than March 18, 2022. All presenting authors must have paid the full registration fee by April 18, 2022 in order for their submission to definitely be included in the program.


ACRM Abstract Submission   ICORR Paper Submission   IFESS Abstract Submission
  INRS Poster Submission   ISVR Abstract Submission  


RehabWeek Poster Competition

All RehabWeek conferences will organize a common poster competition. Each conference will select its top contributions and those authors will be asked to present their poster during the poster fast forward sessions. Finalists will be chosen from the best fast forward presenters and visited by judges at their poster during the poster viewing and judging session.