INRS Poster Submission

The INRS accepts 2000 character abstracts for scientific or clinical posters about the clinical application of Rehabilitation or Assistive Technology.

You can find detailed submission information, as well as the submission form here: https://forms.gle/tDdivTTyDgiY3aMLA

Submission DEADLINE is March 15th, 2023. There will be NO EXTENSIONS to this deadline!


General Remarks
The abstract/paper submission is handled by each RehabWeek society/conference individually. Please note that while you are welcome to submit different projects to different RehabWeek conferences, the same work may only be submitted to one of the conferences. Please do not submit the same work to different conferences, be respectful of the reviewer's time, thank you!

The Poster Session During the Conference
The poster session will take place in the same place as the exhibition and the catering. There will be a dedicated poster viewing and judging session in the main program, and poster presenters will also be expected to be present at their posters during certain coffee and lunch breaks (depending on the society to which you submit). Poster presenters are expected to be registered for the conference, otherwise, their poster will be removed from the program.
The top scientific INRS submissions will be selected for the poster fast forward sessions and asked to present their poster in 60 seconds during the conference. They will be eligible for the RehabWeek poster awards. Clinical posters are currently not eligible for the poster award.

Poster Types
INRS will be accepting two different types of abstracts:

1) Scientific Abstracts
These are your typical conference abstracts about ongoing or completed research that has to do with the CLINICAL APPLICATION OF REHABILITATION TECHNOLOGY, i.e. reports on studies in which people with physical disabilities train with technology to regain function, activities or the ability to participate in  society. Examples of such technologies can be found here:

2) Clinical Abstracts
These posters are submitted by clinicians who have something to share that could benefit other attendees. These posters are NOT about research or scientific studies (but also not commercial promotion), but nevertheless information that is of interest to the people in this field. Examples could be a report about how a device, or several devices, were successfully integrated into a clinic, about an educational program that the clinic is conducting, about sharing a treatment plan, about how they managed to receive reimbursement for technology supported training or similar stories. Please note that the topic of these posters should still be about rehabilitation technology! No general clinical topics will be accepted. Please note that posters commercially promoting a specific device will not be accepted. Companies wishing to promote their devices should get in contact with Kenes M+ to talk about sponsoring or exhibition opportunities. In the clinical abstract category, we expect submissions from practicing clinicians, that are neutral and provide both advantages and disadvantages of a device if they describe a clinical experience.

Submission Instruction
All abstracts can be up to 2000 characters long including spaces. You can add up to three references. Abstracts have to be submitted through this form. You will submit it as plain text into the text fields, we will take care of the formatting. PLEASE adhere closely to the instructions of each field!

INRS only accepts submissions for POSTERS, not PLENARY PRESENTATIONS.

INRS abstracts will not be published but made available to all RehabWeek attendees in electronic form.