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Clinic and Lab Visits

All clinic and lab visits will be held on 28th June 2019.

To be able to participate in any of the clinic or lab visits you must register through this link. The visiting registration fee is 20 USD.

The number of slots is limited and given away on a first come-first served basis, so please register well in advance.


Lyndhurst Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network

Address: 520 Sutherland Dr, Toronto, ON M4G 3V9

Main attraction: Spinal Cord Rehab

Date & time: June 28th 2019, morning 11am - 12pm

Each group will visit the center for 1 hour


Krembil Research Institute - University Health Network 

Address: 60 Leonard Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 0S8

Main attraction: drug discovery and design, cartilage regeneration/ first stem cell trial in knee, vision rescue/ VR, gait lab

Date & time: June 28th 2019, Morning 9am to 11am

Each group will visit the labs for 2 hours


University Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - University Health Network

Address: 550 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2A2

Main attraction: Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL)

Toronto Rehabilitation Research Center is one of the world's most advanced rehabilitation research and development center – a place where new treatments and technologies have been developed for people recovering from and living with, disabling injury or illness.  The centerpiece of the Centre is the Challenging Environment Assessment Laboratory (CEAL) – the only facility of its kind in the world. This massive underground lab features the world’s first hydraulic motion simulator that can mimic everyday environmental challenges faced by older people and those with disabling injury or illness. Using a multitude of customizable testing environments, researchers are able to recreate conditions such as ice and snow, different terrains and slopes, rain and headlight glare. This allows researchers to safely and accurately measure the difficulties encountered in the real world. The labs are also used to evaluate the impact of new treatments, devices and technologies developed at Toronto Rehab.

Date & time: June 28th 2019, Morning 9am to 2pm 

Each group will visit the labs for 1 hour



Address: 150 Kilgour Rd, Toronto, ON M4G 1R8

Main attraction: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital.

Date & time: June 28th 2019, morning 9am-10:30am

Each group will visit the hospital for 1.5 hour