Liliana Paredes

Scientific Coordinator at the Biomedical Data Science Lab, D-HEST, ETH Zurich

Zurich / Switzerland

Lecture Title: My Journey from Engineering Research to Entrepreneurship with a Deep ─░mmersion in the Clinical Setting of Neurorehabilitation and Firsthand Experience of Caring for My Mother after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery.

Brief Description of Your Lecture: 

During this lecture, I will share the experiences gained in the various stages of my career and last months of my life. My journey from engineering research to entrepreneurship after my deep immersion in the clinical setting, wearing the shoes of clinicians, has been a transformative and enlightening experience. By gaining firsthand experience and understanding the challenges faced by clinicians and patients, I hope to continue developing innovative solutions and clinical workflows that directly address their needs.

Short version of your biography:

I am a biomedical engineer with a PhD in Human Science in Medicine. I was a scientific employee in Ottobock Germany and in Fondazione Ospedale San Camilo from Lido di Venezia where I worked on signal processing, prosthetics and robot control with EMG signals. After my PhD, I moved to Switzerland to work in the field of Neurorehabilitation and Rehabilitation Technologies. I was head of the Robotics and Sport Department in the Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht and Chief Technology Officer of VAMED Management and Service Switzerland. Now I carry two hats, I am an entrepreneur and a scientific coordinator at a prestigious university (name to be disclosed soon).