RehabWeek 2023 is offering two Panel Discussion Sessions in the common scientific program. Please find the panel discussion details below. 



Date: Tuesday, September 26th
Time: 15:30 - 16:15

Panel Organizers:

Prof. Nicole Wenderoth
Director of the Neural Control of Movement Lab, ETH Zurich
Programme Director of Future Health Technologies, Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC)

Dr. Olivier Lambercy
Co-Director of the Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory (RELab), ETH Zurich
Principal Investigator of Connected Rehabilitation Technology and Assistive Devices, Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC)

Desiree Beck
Education Manager at the Competence Centre for Rehabilitation Engineering and Science (RESC), ETH Zurich

Panel Discussion Title: Rehab anywhere – how next-generation technologies can bring healthcare to the community


In light of the demographic change and clinical manpower shortage, societies have started to develop new healthcare models for providing high-quality care while minimizing hospital stays and visits. Smart technologies can play an important part in enabling such a paradigm shift via new solutions that are portable, scalable and equipped with clinical intelligence, remote monitoring, and coaching capabilities while still being connected with therapists and healthcare professionals. However, there is still a large gap between the aspiration to provide “Rehab anywhere” along the continuum of care and evidence-based concepts detailing how new rehabilitation technologies need to be designed, implemented and connected to generate a true public health benefit. In this panel, we discuss facilitators and barriers to developing a “Rehab anywhere” concept with stakeholders representing science, clinics, healthcare providers, strategic decision-makers, and industry.


Panel Speakers:

Dr. Gery Colombo, CTO at the rehabilitation group VAMED, Switzerland

Gery Colombo studied electrical engineering at ETH and holds a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Zurich. He was the Head of Research at the Spinal Cord Injury Center of Balgrist University Hospital for 9 years. Gery is the founder of Hocoma AG, the global market leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of robotic and sensor-based devices for functional movement therapy, where he was CEO and board member for 20 years. Hocoma has been listed as one of the most influential companies in the global robotics industry. Since he sold the company and left in 2020, Gery Colombo is active in different roles. He is Co-Chair of the Evaluation Board of the Wyss Zurich, chairman of a technology startup and acts in the role of board member and advisor of different other companies in his field of expertise. His main position is CTO at the rehabilitation group VAMED Switzerland. He has received numerous awards throughout his career and co-authored several scientific articles.



Dr Asif Hussain, CEO ARTICARES, Singapore

Dr Asif Hussain is the CEO of ARTICARES, a rehabilitation robotics company focused on designing solutions for the continuum of rehabilitation. He did his PhD at Imperial College London (2010-2014), UK, to understand and develop methods for sensorimotor assessments post neurological injuries. Later, he joined the Robotics Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2014 as a research fellow to investigate role of robotics in bringing rehabilitation into community and patients' homes. In 2017, he co-founded ARTICARES. His research interests include understanding and developing easy to deploy techniques for the quantification and rehabilitation of sensorimotor deficits in decentralized settings.




Prof. I-Ling Yeh, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Dr. Yeh is an Assistant Professor in the Health and Social Sciences Cluster at the Singapore Institute of Technology and an occupational therapist by training. Additionally, she works as a Research Scientist at the Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore. 

Her research focuses on enhancing evaluation and interventions related to sensorimotor function and community participation for individuals with neurological conditions. Utilizing technology such as robotic devices, she explores ways to improve outcomes and investigates facilitators and barriers for telerehabilitation and technology adoption in Singapore. 

Beyond her academic roles, Dr. Yeh also serves as the Vice President Secretary of the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists. In this capacity, she contributes to the association's mission of advancing the profession, advocating for clients and occupational therapists, and facilitating evidence-informed practices. 


Dr. Chris Awai, cereneo Foundation / Lake Lucerne Institute, Switzerland 

is an expert on digital outcomes of movement quantity and quality and their application in neurorehabilitation settings. He leads a research foundation (www.cereneo.foundation) which develops new interventions and tracks and models rehabilitation trajectories in Stoke and Parkinson’s Disease across clinical and home settings. Over the past 10 years, he has established technology-based movement quality measures for various neurological disorders, some of which are currently in routine clinical application. Next to analyzing human movement, his passion lies with disruptive technologies and system inflection points.




Dr. Loh Yong Joo, Head & Senior Consultant Rehabilitation Medicine, Director of Clinical Innovations at TTSH, Singapore

Dr Loh Yong Joo is currently a senior consultant and head of department in Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) Rehabilitation Medicine and also Adjunct Associate Professor in Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technology University (NTU). His clinical sub-specialty is in neurorehabilitation managing patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions. His research and innovation interests are in rehabilitation technologies especially in the areas of virtual reality, robotics, wearable sensors and tele-rehabilitation. Currently, he manages the biggest and most established specialized rehabilitation inpatient centre (TTSH Rehabilitation Centre) in Singapore. TTSH Rehabilitation Centre, with a 50-year history of inpatient services this year, is the forerunner in the implementation of rehabilitation technologies in Singapore nearly 2 decades ago. The multi-disciplinary team consisting of rehabilitation physicians and therapists also actively involved in research and innovation and publish regularly in international peer review journals.  He is currently also the clinical head for Clinic for Advanced Rehabilitation Therapeutics (CART). CART is first outpatient specialist rehabilitation clinic in the region to incorporate robotics and virtual reality to help patients with complex disabilities and rehabilitation needs. It is a one-stop outpatient facility that provides multi-disciplinary care and goal-directed rehabilitation therapy programs. 




Date: Wednesday, September 27th
Time: 09:45 - 11:00

Panel Organizer

The KITE Research Institute, University Health Network


Panel Hosts:

Zen Koh
General Chair of RehabWeek
Co-Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy
Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence
Milos Popovic
KITE Director
Director, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto
Co-Founder and Director of MyndTec Inc.


Panel Discussion Title: Beyond Capital: The Value of Strategic Investments, Partnerships and Mentorship in Rehabilitation Technology

Panel Sponsors:



Panel Speakers:

Miss Jin Gao, Softbank Vision Fund


Jin Gao is an accomplished investment professional specialising in healthcare and technology growth investments at SoftBank Vision Fund. With a strong background in portfolio development, Jin previously served as a key member of the medical platform GoBroad Healthcare Group, at HillHouse Capital.

Jin's educational foundation includes a Bachelor's and Master's degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan. Combining expertise in finance and a deep understanding of healthcare technologies, Jin is dedicated to driving advancements that enhance the quality of human life.

With a keen eye for identifying promising investment opportunities, Jin contributes valuable insights and strategic guidance to empower companies in the healthcare and technology sectors.


Guangyu (Rex) Xu, Qianhai Fund of Funds


Mr. Guangyu Xu, known as Rex in professional circles, is a distinguished figure in the financial and technology sectors, renowned for his exemplary leadership and pioneering contributions. With a stellar career trajectory marked by strategic insights and substantial achievements, he currently holds the esteemed positions of Managing Director at Qianhai Ark Asset Management Ltd and Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Frontier Technology at Qianhai Equity Fund LLP.

At Qianhai Ark Asset Management Ltd, a prominent player in the Chinese commercial fund landscape boasting an impressive Asset Under Management (AUM) of 70 billion CNY, Rex assumes the role of Managing Director. In this capacity, he orchestrates dynamic investment strategies and directs the course of the company's advancement. His leadership acumen and profound understanding of financial markets have propelled the organisation to new heights of success.

Rex's profound expertise extends to his Head of Advanced Manufacturing & Frontier Technology role at Qianhai Equity Fund LLP. Within this role, he is at the forefront of investment endeavours in industries characterised by Advanced Manufacturing and Frontier Technology. His keen eye for identifying emerging trends and opportunities has solidified his reputation as a visionary leader, steering investment initiatives toward the cutting-edge domains of technology and innovation.

Before assuming these pivotal positions, Rex honed his skills and insights through strategic career moves. His journey into finance began in 2008 when he joined Shenzhen Capital Group, an eminent venture capital firm in China. During his tenure there, he gained invaluable experience and insights into the intricate world of venture capital and investment.

In addition to his venture into the financial realm, Rex also garnered comprehensive experience during his three-year stint in the sales operation division of Intel China. This distinctive experience in the technology industry equipped him with a holistic perspective, seamlessly bridging the realms of finance and technology.

Rex's investment focuses on high-tech Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and burgeoning SMEs in emerging industries. His meticulous attention to detail and perceptive evaluation methods have culminated in identifying high-potential businesses within domains such as Information Technology, New Materials, and Advanced Manufacturing. Rex has demonstrated his commitment to fostering innovation and promoting economic growth by strategically aligning investment portfolios with these burgeoning sectors.

As of August 31, 2023, Rex's remarkable investment acumen has been instrumental in nurturing the growth of over 40 companies. A testament to his discerning judgment, more than 10 of these portfolio companies have successfully gone public, further solidifying his reputation as a transformative force in the investment landscape.

Rex, epitomises the fusion of financial prowess and technological foresight. His tenacity, vision, and strategic insight continue to steer Qianhai Ark Asset Management Ltd and Qianhai Equity Fund LLP toward unprecedented success. Through his leadership, he not only shapes the trajectory of individual companies but contributes significantly to the advancement of China's financial and technological sectors.


Fiona Zhang, Investment Principal, Prosperity7 Ventures, an Aramco Ventures Fund


Fiona Zhang is a seasoned investment professional at Prosperity7 Ventures, overseeing healthcare investments across the entire spectrum. Prosperity7 Ventures serves as the diversified growth fund of Aramco Ventures, a subsidiary of Aramco, the world's leading integrated energy and chemicals company. With a global investment approach and a steadfast long-term perspective, Prosperity7 Ventures seeks to support breakthrough technologies and transformative business models that have the potential to create widespread prosperity and drive positive impact on a large scale.

Fiona's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree from Peking University and a Master's degree from MIT, followed by various advancements in the field of biology. Her investment career, which commenced in 2013, has predominantly focused on the healthcare sector. Leveraging her comprehensive understanding and a passion for identifying the most promising healthcare companies, Fiona is dedicated to finding investment solutions that address unmet medical needs and drive innovation in the industry.


Mr Chik Wai Chiew, Heritas Capital Management


Wai Chiew is the Executive Director & CEO of Heritas Capital Management, a Singapore-based private equity and venture capital investor in healthcare, education and technology sectors across Asia Pacific. Heritas’ healthcare portfolio investments span across deep tech start-ups to high growth emergent category leaders, and include leading health-tech ventures throughout Asia such as Holmusk, Hummingbird Bioscience, Alodokter, and Jio Health.

Wai Chiew has over 20 years of experience in global investment management and strategic business development, having served various roles in Temasek Holdings, A*STAR, Singapore Economic Development Board, and World Economic Forum, etc. He also actively serves as a director on multiple boards to advocate sustainable growth and sound governance.

Wai Chiew was awarded the Glaxo-EDB scholarship and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Cambridge University, UK; Master of Arts from Yale University, USA; and completed his Executive Master of Business Administration (conducted in Mandarin) at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, China.


Ms Terri Tian, Vision Plus Capital


Terri Tian is a distinguished figure in the investment world, renowned for her exceptional expertise and groundbreaking contributions to the healthcare sector. Currently serving as the Head of Healthcare Sector Investment at Vision Plus Capital, Terri has played a pivotal role in shaping the firm's success.

With an impressive portfolio of achievements, Terri has led over 25 investments during her tenure at Vision Plus. Her strategic foresight and meticulous evaluation of opportunities have resulted in key deals that have reshaped the healthcare landscape. Notable among these are investments in Fourier Intelligence, neoX, and Yao Yan She, which have not only generated substantial returns but have also made a profound impact on the industry.

Terri's profound influence extends beyond her role as an investment leader. She has been deeply involved in strategic planning and operational optimisation since she was appointed a Director in more than 17 portfolio companies. Her insights and guidance have been instrumental in driving growth and enhancing the overall performance of these companies.

Recognised for her exceptional achievements, Terri has received numerous prestigious awards. She was honoured as "The Best Female Investor of 2022" and "Best Investor of 2023 in Medical and Healthcare" by VBDATA, showcasing her exceptional investment acumen and industry knowledge. Additionally, Terri's remarkable contributions have been acknowledged by 36Kr, where she was named the "2022 Investor in AI and Life Sciences" and the "2020 Investor in China Medical and Health Sector."

Terri Ding continues leading the way in healthcare investment, constantly pushing the boundaries and seeking transformative opportunities. With her visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence, she remains at the forefront of driving innovation and growth in the healthcare industry.


Potential Topics to be Discussed:

  • The Power of Strategic Investments: How Strategic Partnerships Can Drive Innovation and Growth in Rehabilitation Technology
  • Identifying and Securing the Right Strategic Investors: Keys to Successful Partnerships in the Rehabilitation Technology Sector
  • The Role of Mentorship in Accelerating Success: Insights from Experienced Leaders in Rehabilitation Technology
  • Collaboration and Co-Creation: Building Strong Partnerships between Rehabilitation Technology Startups and Industry Players
  • Leveraging Industry Expertise: How Strategic Investments Enhance Market Knowledge and Customer Insights
  • From Funding to Mentorship: How Strategic Investors Provide Value Beyond Capital in Rehabilitation Technology Ventures
  • Creating a Robust Ecosystem: The Importance of Networking, Connections, and Community Building in the Rehabilitation Technology Space
  • The Long-Term Vision: How Strategic Investors Help Shape the Future of Rehabilitation Technology
  • Best Practices for Managing and Nurturing Strategic Partnerships in Rehabilitation Technology
  • Lessons Learned: Success Stories and Case Studies of Rehabilitation Technology Ventures that Flourished through Strategic Investments and Mentorship