RehabWeek 2023 is offering two Panel Discussion Sessions in the common scientific program. Please find the panel discussion details below. 



Date: Tuesday, September 26th

Time: 15:30 - 16:15

Panel Discussion Title: TBA



Date: Wednesday, September 27th

Time: 09:45 - 11:00

Panel Organizer

Zen Koh, General Chair of RehabWeek
Co-Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy
Co-Founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence

Panel Discussion Title: Beyond Capital: The Value of Strategic Investments, Partnerships and Mentorship in Rehabilitation Technology

Panel Sponsors:





Panel Speakers:

Miss Jin Gao, Softbank Vision Fund

TBD, Prosperity7 Venture an Aramco Ventures Fund

Ms Shengnan Li, Qianhai Fund of Funds

Potential Topics to be Discussed:

  1. The Power of Strategic Investments: How Strategic Partnerships Can Drive Innovation and Growth in Rehabilitation Technology
  2. Identifying and Securing the Right Strategic Investors: Keys to Successful Partnerships in the Rehabilitation Technology Sector
  3. The Role of Mentorship in Accelerating Success: Insights from Experienced Leaders in Rehabilitation Technology
  4. Collaboration and Co-Creation: Building Strong Partnerships between Rehabilitation Technology Startups and Industry Players
  5. Leveraging Industry Expertise: How Strategic Investments Enhance Market Knowledge and Customer Insights
  6. From Funding to Mentorship: How Strategic Investors Provide Value Beyond Capital in Rehabilitation Technology Ventures
  7. Creating a Robust Ecosystem: The Importance of Networking, Connections, and Community Building in the Rehabilitation Technology Space
  8. The Long-Term Vision: How Strategic Investors Help Shape the Future of Rehabilitation Technology
  9. Best Practices for Managing and Nurturing Strategic Partnerships in Rehabilitation Technology
  10. Lessons Learned: Success Stories and Case Studies of Rehabilitation Technology Ventures that Flourished through Strategic Investments and Mentorship