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Submitting a Workshop to RehabWeek

Thank you for your interest in submitting a workshop to RehabWeek. Please follow the instructions very closely in order to facilitate the review and acceptance process.

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Workshop submission deadline: 1st October 2018

Topics for Workshops

RehabWeek accepts workshops about all aspects of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology. Workshops can for example focus on basic research, technical aspects, regulatory issues, financial questions or clinical application.
The ideal RehabWeek workshop attracts attendees from different backgrounds and is interesting for both engineers and clinicians. It is interactive and includes the audience, for example through discussions or hands-on sessions.
Ideal RehabWeek workshops are organized in teams with several speakers/organizers.
Workshops not including any aspect of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology can unfortunately not be accepted. If you wish to present data from a single study, please consider submitting an abstract or paper, rather than a workshop.

Definition of Workshop Types

Scientific workshops do NOT promote sales of a specific, commercially available device or company, but purely scientific content. Workshop organizers do not need to pay to organize the workshop. Attendees pay USD 105 for one workshop or USD 175 for a day pass.
Industry workshops promote a specific company or commercially available device. Industry workshop organizers agree to fully pay the fee of USD 3500 if the workshop is accepted. Attendees can attend an industry workshop free of charge. However, attendees still need to register for industry workshops on the RehabWeek website in order to receive their free access pass.

Workshop Acceptance

Workshop proposals will undergo peer review. Reviewers will judge the following criteria:
• Workshop is well thought out and submission is complete
• This workshop is planned as an interactive course, not just another lecture (planned discussions, brainstorming sessions or hands-on time for example)
• Organizers are capable of organizing this workshop
• Proposed speakers are knowledgeable
• This workshop will likely attract 30+ attendees
• This workshop will likely attract attendees from all six societies and from different backgrounds, allowing for interdisciplinary discussion
• Attendees will be able to apply contents to their daily work
Organizers will be informed about acceptance or rejection of their submission.
In case workshops are submitted with very similar topics/content, the organizers reserve the right to accept one of the workshops, but to suggest that organizers join forces and collaborate on the organization.

Workshop Duration

One workshop session lasts for 1.5hrs and there are 4 sessions in the day. Organizers may request to conduct a workshop lasting more than 1 session, but granting of the request is subject to availability of free slots.

Maximal Number of Attendees

Due to organizational matters, workshops will be capped at 120 attendees.
If desired, each workshop organizing company may request up to 25 free access passes for their own workshop with which they can reserve spots for selected people in their network before they are sold out. These have to be requested once the workshop is accepted, as the cap in the registration system will be adapted accordingly.


From experience, speakers tend to accept invitations to speak in more than one workshop. For organizational matters, we ask that speakers accept no more than three invitations. Still, if many speakers accept several invitations and those workshops are all accepted, we might be unable to avoid overlap of these workshops. Workshop organizers are responsible to organize their sessions so speakers can fulfill all their commitments.


You have the possibility to show devices during your session. For companies that have a booth at RehabWeek, it is possible to directly show the devices at the booth, preventing you from having to move the devices. This is specifically useful for large devices that cannot easily be moved to a workshop room.
If you wish to show a device in a room, please make sure to explain the requirements in detail. We will try, but cannot promise to accommodate all your wishes.
Please note that in general, we cannot allow access to the workshop rooms more than 30min before the session. We can grant a few exceptions to this rule (for the workshops conducted in the first session in the morning), so please indicate if you would like to take advantage of a special permission. We will try to accommodate as many people as possible.


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Workshop submission deadline: 1st October 2018



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