MARP-ARMA - Malaysian Association of Rehabilitation Physicians & ASEAN Rehabilitation Medicine Association

What is society's main goal?

The Malaysian Association of Rehabilitation Physicians (MARP) was established on 4th April 2011 as the unified body for practising Physical Medicine Rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists (also known as Rehabilitation Physicians in Malaysia. The association encourages scientific meetings, establishes working papers and conducts research in this field of PM&R. MARP seeks to uplift the professional stature of this field, takes care of members’ well-being and collaborates with government agencies to further develop this young medical field in Malaysia.

MARP is also a member in the ASEAN Rehabilitation Medicine Association (ARMA), a collision body for the National Society of Physical Rehabilitation from the 10 South East Asia Nations. ARMA serves as the platform for regional collaborations and member nations share the common goals for information sharing, knowledge and experience exchange to develop PM&R and influence government healthcare policies for equality and accessible healthcare.

Is there a personal story behind the establishment of society?

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is a relatively young speciality in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. MARP was the umbrella body that serves to unify all practicing Rehabilitation Physicians to further develop this area for the betterment of our society. Along the way, MARP leaders found similar situations in ASEAN nations, and the common aspiration brings the national associations together to establish ARMA.

Why is RehabWeek unique and why should people attend?

It is unique in its incorporation of multidisciplinary experts coming together in one place to share information, knowledge, success and challenges with the intention of building practice consensus and work collaboration. And not to forget, building network and whilst having fun! We look forward to meeting everyone with such diverse background and interests.

What do you think will be the next big topic in the field? Why?

For MARP-ARMA, it is focused in diversifying clinical application of technology with impactful outcome in resource-limited countries. We are, how we live. Technology applied correctly can only enrich our quality of life.