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For your queries about sponsorship, exhibition, educational grant, endorsement, etc.. opportunities and application process, please contact:

Mr. Muzaffer KOMEK
RehabWeek 2023 Organizing Secretariat, Industry Liaison & Sales Manager
E-mail: mkomek@kenes.com

RehabWeek 2023 will address the challenges and opportunities in the field keeping in mind the changing landscape of rehabilitation care in the post-pandemic era. As innovation continues to expand the industry, healthcare facilities, and consumers are faced with interesting opportunities but at the same time challenged with changing financials, healthcare reimbursement restrictions, and modified investor visions.

Keeping all this in mind, we are excited that in this year’s meeting, we will address some key issues using new opportunities, such as business matchmaking, investor forum, exhibit your startup, and developing countries opportunities. Specifically,

  • The Business Matchmaking networking event is designed to facilitate the meeting and connection of businesses with potential clients, partners, or vendors, to identify and pursue new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  • The investor forum event is designed to facilitate investors and analysts to discuss and exchange information about investment opportunities and market trends for the rehabilitation technology industry. We look forward for groups “to invest in the next best technology” or “for your organization to get the next big investment from”

  • Exhibit your start event is designed for new startups to exhibit their technologies at a discounted rate but experience the same world-class access to the best investors, clients, and medical & engineering experts.

  • Developing countries’ opportunity is for academic and industry personnel from developing countries where access and financials might be limited to attend at a discounted rate to connect with potential partners and clients, learn about new technology, products, and services, and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration.

RehabWeek 2023 will give everyone an opportunity to expand their horizons in this new era to further their academic, clinical, and industry business, research, and clinical care while experiencing the unique environment of Singapore.

We very much look forward to your participation and to welcoming you with open arms to Singapore!

Arun Jayaraman
Sponsorship Chair

The Developing Countries discount is available to those companies in countries, defined as low and lower middle income by the World Bank. This enables these companies, for whom the cost of exhibiting is outside of their means, to connect with potential partners and clients, learn about new technology, products, services, and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration


Be one of the leading companies at our Startup Pavilion. The perfect opportunity to get the global visibility you want. Showcase and present your products at RehabWeek. RehabWeek offers a discounted rate for you! Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to connect with potential partners and clients, learn about new technology, products, services, and explore opportunities for growth and collaboration. Contact us for detailed information and special pricing for your company!

Interactive and innovative, the “Start-up Pavillon” will be present within the exhibition area.

Start-ups will have access to:

  • 1 Table and 2 Chairs
  • Two (2) complimentary exhibitor registrations (with access to coffee breaks and lunches)
    *Exhibition table top space will be designated by organizers

Acknowledgement - on the Conference website with logo and hyperlink to Sponsor’s company website - in the Mini Program Book with logo - in the Conference mobile application with logo and company profile.

We are looking for young companies with innovative product ideas!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your ideas with potential clients, investors and partners during this global event, network with colleagues from around the world and connect with some of the biggest companies in the field!